Craft beers that are unique…
but approachable for all



John Russell

A native of Horton, KS, John wears many hats to keep up with his many interests.

He began home brewing in 2003, around the time he moved to Wisconsin. Since then, he’s worked to perfect his craft and has been a regular at home brewing events in the Madison area.

When he’s not brewing The Lone Girl beers, John works as an Assistant Scientist in the Division of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the UW-Madison School of Medicine, where he also got his PhD.


Craft brewing is our passion. It’s our way to be part of the community, to celebrate the locaL flavors, and create something that brings people together.

We want craft brewing to be something that everyone can experience. That’s why all Lone Girl beers are created to have both their own unique character and a familiar quality, so they can be thoroughly enjoyed by all – from the avid connoisseurs to the casual beer drinkers.

That’s also why we built our brewery to “break the wall” and allow our Lone Girl guests to have an unfiltered view into the brewing process and feel a part of it, at all times.