Dark Hondo 6.5 % ABV

Dark Hondo is a robust porter boasts a strong roasty aroma, deep color and delicious flavor. Dark Hondo is a full bodied porter that has bready flavors mixed with caramel and chocolate. Above average hop bitterness helps this beer finish dry.

Background: Hondo is a nickname given to a mysterious person. “Everyone has a dark side that they try to keep hidden away, but it is time to let Hondo come out and play.”

This beer has been quite popular with craft beer fans and connoisseurs on Untappd.  Here’s what a couple have had to say:

  • Diggin this one! ~ Rachel G
  • Interesting & tasty not overly “portery” ~Macey


IBU: 40 / SRM: 35 / ABV: 6.5 %

Grains: 2Row, Munich, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt

Appearance: Dark

Aroma: Roasty

Flavor: chocolate, burnt ash, caramel