P.W.A. – Pilsner With Attitude 5.6%

P.W.A. – Pilsner With Attitude (Pilsner)

IBU: 40 / ABV: 5.6 %

Pilsner With Attitude (P.W.A.) was created to entice the pilsner purist but also satisfy the hops aficionado. P.W.A. is everything that you love about a pilsner but with a little more attitude.

Appearance: light gold, clear

Aroma: mild citrusy hop aroma

Flavor: Crisp, clean, and refreshing. This beer has a light grainy Pilsner malt character and a mild citrus hop taste.

Comments from a pilsner skeptic on Untappd – Good s#*t for a pilsner…. ~ Ryan R.