Red Banks Amber Ale 5.9% ABV

Red Banks (Amber)

IBU: 35 / SRM: 14 / ABV: 5.9%

Grains: 2Row, Munich, Caramel, pale chocolate

Appearance: Dark Amber

Aroma: mild hop aroma

Flavor: Red banks is a malty beer that is balanced by a medium hop presence. In addition, this beer has a toasty character that mixes with caramel to provide a pleasant drinking experience

Background: Red Banks, located on the shore of Green Bay, is the first documented point of contact between Europeans and the Indian tribes living along the Parkway. It is at this location, that French explorer, Jean Nicolet, is famously depicted greeting the Indians while donning a silk robe and firing two pistols.

Beer lovers on Untappd have this to say about our Red Banks Amber Ale:

  • Excellent Amber! ~Darren G.