Speak Easy (cream ale) – 5.0% ABV

Speak Easy (cream ale)

IBU: 22 / SRM: 3 / ABV: 5.0%

Grains: 2Row, flaked corn, flaked barley

Appearance: Light color

Aroma: sweet corn-like aroma

Flavor: Light with a touch of lemon citrus

Description: A pale straw colored ale cream ale that has sweet corn aroma. This beer is clean light crisp and refreshing.

Background: “Speak easies” were so called because of the practice of speaking quietly about such a place in public, or when inside it, so as not to alert the police or neighbors. Our Speak Easy ale shares its name with the brick used for the walls of the building.

Reviews from craft beer connoisseurs on Untappd have this to say about Speak Easy:

  • Very light, crisp, and refreshing ~ Chris K.
  • Great cream ale. Smooth and clean. ~ Darren P.
  • Very light but nice flavors ~ Dave M.