Towhead (Belgian Blonde) 7.0% ABV

Towhead (Belgian Blonde)

IBU: 30 / SRM: 5 / ABV: 7 %

Grains: Pilsner

Appearance:  Golden

Aroma: Sweet, subtle hop

Flavor: fruity esters, smooth

Description: A Belgian Blonde ale that has a good yeast character and honey-like alcohol presence. Light golden color with a touch of haze. This beer has initial sweetness but finishes dry on the palate leaving you wanting more.

Background:  Towhead is a term used to describe an individual with blonde hair, usually children. Historically, the term derives itself from the light colored flax that was used to create towropes used in the early 19th century. Therefore, it is a perfect name for a delightful Belgian blonde beer.

Untappd craft beer fans and fanatics have this to say about Towhead:

  • Pretty sweet Belgian with bitter aftertaste. ~Chris K